Privacy Policy

ThedaCare's Online Privacy Policy - Our part in keeping your medical records private.

ThedaCare is committed to providing you with quality health care and to maintaining a relationship with you that is built on trust. This trust is built, in part, on our commitment to respect the privacy and confidentiality of your medical information. ThedaCare has put into place detailed policies and procedures regarding access to all medical records by our staff and employees and has carefully outlined the circumstances under which your medical information may be released to parties outside the organization. These policies conform to state and federal law and are designed to safeguard your privacy. Click here for more details on MyThedaCare security measures.

ThedaCare staff and employees are trained in ThedaCare's confidentiality policies and the appropriate use of medical information. They know that such information is available to them only as necessary to provide care to you or for other authorized, legitimate reasons. ThedaCare's electronic medical record (EMR) can track the activity of each user of the system and can generate an audit trail of activity. Every time a user accesses the EMR, the user's identity is recorded along with a record of the information that was viewed or entered.

A ThedaCare employee's violation of confidentiality policies is considered a serious offense. Failure of an employee to protect patient information from accidental or unauthorized access is not tolerated.

Your Medical Record

As we provide your health care, we are required to maintain documentation of your medical history, current conditions, treatment plan and all treatments given, including the results of all tests, procedures and therapies. MyThedaCare is an Internet application that enables secure web-based electronic messaging. Messages you send via MyThedaCare may be made part of your permanent medical record at the discretion of the physician. Once it is made part of your record, it will be accessible to current and future ThedaCare staff members who are appropriately involved with your care.

Electronic Messaging

MyThedaCare should never be used for urgent matters. The anticipated turnaround time for response to electronic messages is 1 to 2 working days.Therefore, for all urgent matters, contact your ThedaCare Physician by phone, go to an emergency room, or dial 911.

If your ThedaCare physician is out of the office or unavailable to respond, messages sent via MyThedaCare will be routed to other authorized caregivers within your physician's practice in order to facilitate a timely response to your request.

All communications between you and your ThedaCare Physicians care team are carried over a secure, encrypted connection directly into the ThedaCare EMR. For patients who are participating in MyThedaCare, ThedaCare will only use MyThedaCare for computer-based electronic medical communication. While you may receive Internet e-mail messages notifying you of new messages in your MyThedaCare Inbox, these e-mails will not contain any confidential medical information.

It is extremely important that you keep the password and identification numbers that you use to access MyThedaCare completely confidential. Anyone with access to your password and identification number will be able to view your medical information, add comments to your record, and communicate with your ThedaCare health care team as if that person were you. It is your responsibility to prevent disclosure of your password and identification number, and to change your password and/or identification number if you feel that their security has been compromised. You can change your password by going to the Password link on the MyThedaCare homepage.

Contents of electronic messages

While the MyThedaCare system supports many different types of communication, it is always best for you and your provider to agree on the type of electronic communication that is most appropriate in your particular case.

All ThedaCare generated electronic medical record content is subject to all state and federal statutes governing the security and confidentiality of medical records.

From time to time you may be asked to complete patient surveys via MyThedaCare. ThedaCare may analyze information submitted via MyThedaCare as part of descriptive (demographic) studies and reports. In such cases all patient identifying information will be removed.